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The Removal of Sand Act 1982


Part 1 of the Act deals with the short title and section 2 with the Interpretation.

Section 4 of the Act prohibits removal of sand from sea and river and relates to the sand quarries and landing places and section 5 with the licences whereby any person who carries on the business of dealer in sand must be holder of a licence granted under subsection 2.

Section 6 deals with the Lease of sand quarries and section 7 with the Authority to remove sand.

Under section 9, a permit is required to remove sand and shall apply for same to an authorized officer.

The permitted hours for removal of sand are dealt in section 11 and section 12 deals with the duty to give information. Section 13 requires that no licensed dealer to refuse to sell sand to a purchaser who offers to buy sand for cash at the prescribed rate.

Under section 15, any police officer may arrest a driver of a vehicle suspected of being used for the unlawful removal of sand amongst others.

Section 17 empowers an authorized officer to revoke or refuse to renew a licence to a dealer convicted of an offence.

Full Keywords: sand, licences and environment

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Last Updated:26 November 2007
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